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Coronavirus information for learners

Covid-19 Update

On Thursday 24 February the Government removed all mandatory controls concerning Covid and are now encouraging personal decisions to be made to keep ourselves safe, as we learn to live with the virus. In our Centres and workplaces, we will continue to provide and encourage the use of sensible control measures, whilst respecting individuals’ personal decisions as to whether or not to participate.

Guidance is still subject to change, but currently we would appreciate it if staff and learners follow the below guidance:

Covid sickness:

• Staff/ learners testing positive or displaying symptoms of COVID-19 should stay at home, and not attend work/ classes.

• Where possible staff to either work from home or deliver sessions online.

• To minimise virus transmission, avoid contact with other people until symptoms have passed i.e. you have tested negative with a lateral flow device (LFD) on either day 5 and 6, or on day 10 or after getting two consecutive daily negative LFD tests, whichever happens sooner.

Covid safety measures in our workplaces/centres:

• Optional wearing of face coverings

• Encourage social distancing – where possible, continue to use as much space as you can and try to spread out and distance everyone when sitting; this applies in all spaces (offices/centres/classrooms).

• Encourage good hygiene by using the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ approach – use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth when you cough and sneeze, more regular washing of hands/use of hand sanitiser, use of anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down work areas between use and increased centre cleaning.

• Good ventilation – windows should still be regularly opened to allow air to circulate at all times when classrooms/offices are in use. We want to maintain a comfortable temperature whilst balancing the need for increased ventilation, so we strongly advise the wearing of additional layers to compensate for the inevitably colder environment.

• Follow NHS guidance for vaccinations, engage where possible in the national vaccination programme, including future boosters.

• Lateral flow testing/rapid testing – recommended.

Please email with any queries.

Please see the information and Government advice below.

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If you are unsure you can seek further advice from the Department for Education’s dedicated helpline on 0800 046 8687 or Email: