Art Exhibition 2020 - Buckinghamshire Adult Learning

Art Exhibition 2020

As we were not able to hold our art exhibitions as part of the Festival of Learning this year we are pleased to present some of our learners’ artwork here as an online gallery. Many of them have continued learning online with our dedicated tutors and have been able to continue to produce some fantastic creative pieces.

Learners who have continued learning online have said:

“Learning online has been a great experience. The tutor has clearly taken a lot of time and trouble to produce video and photographic learning materials clearly demonstrating the learning points and techniques relevant to each lesson. It is a valuable resource to be able to pause and revisit what she has presented in a way not possible in the classroom.”

“The use of oil paint in the classroom would not have been possible because of the slowness of the paint drying and the difficulty in transportation. Online classes allowed us to explore the use of oil paint. This is the first time that I have ever used oils and I am excited to try them again. Our teacher gave us video demonstrations first of many techniques we’ve used this term.”