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Apprenticeships in Schools

A guide for schools

Apprenticeships are work-based programmes designed by employers that are linked directly to job roles.  They give an employee the chance to receive structured, high quality training in the workplace and the opportunity to work towards a nationally recognised qualification.  Apprenticeships are offered at different levels making them appropriate for a wide group of people. This route is now regarded by many businesses as a popular alternative to Higher Education.

No matter how small or large your organisation, the investment in skills development will motivate your employees and your workplace will in turn become more effective, productive and competitive. Whether you are looking to invest in the future of your business by recruiting an apprentice or furthering the skills of your existing staff, Buckinghamshire Adult Learning Apprenticeships can help you.

The Apprenticeships we offer to support schools

  • Teaching Assistant
  • Business Administration
  • Childcare
  • IT Application Specialist
  • Management
  • Teacher

The key benefits

Supporting an apprentice can benefit your business by achieving:

  • Improved skills and productivity in your organisation
  • Reduced recruitment and training costs
  • Relevant & productive training – apprentices work as they learn
  • A more motivated workforce
  • Increased competitiveness and reduced staff turnover

There are currently over 150,000 employers offering Apprenticeships in more than 200,000 locations across the United Kingdom. 78% of apprentices and 81% of businesses say they would recommend an Apprenticeship to friends or employers.*


Is there a maximum age for apprentices?

No. Staff of any age can embark on an Apprenticeship programme.

What would our commitment be as an employer?

  • Apprentices must have a contract of employment and a job
  • They should generally work a minimum of 30 hours per (Less can be negotiated)
  • They must be paid at least the minimum apprentice wage for the hours that they are employed and whilst attending training and
  • They must be supervised, mentored and supported by the employer during their Apprenticeship
  • Allowing the apprentice to attend off-the-job training during working hours.

Can I offer existing staff Apprenticeships?

Yes if they are embarking on a new job role. Apprenticeships are an excellent way for staff to gain a nationally recognised qualification which relates directly to their job role. It demonstrates to employees that you are investing in their future.

Where can I see the different types of Apprenticeships which are available?

The Government website has the current list of Apprenticeship Standards that are approved, published and also that are in development.

Can somebody complete an apprenticeship if they already have a Higher Degree?

Yes, there are no limits to the amount of apprenticeship qualifications one can take, or limitations of previously achieved qualifications.

How can I recruit an apprentice?

We can help you recruit an apprentice so please contact us to discuss your requirements. We promote vacancies through a number of different recruitment sites.

Will I have to pay for the training?

From May 2017, all training costs will be funded through the Apprenticeship Levy. You will need to bid to be able to draw down funds through the Buckinghamshire Council Digital Account.  Your levy value will be matched to your staffing budget of 0.5% contribution, although it may be possible for you to bid to access a greater value of funding to pay for training through this account.

How much do I have to pay an apprentice?

All newly recruited apprentices must receive the appropriate national minimum wage which is £3.50*. This is applicable in year one of the Apprenticeship for those aged 19 and over, but in all years for those aged 16-18. Outside these limits, the national minimum wage applies.

Wage values of existing staff are not affected if embarking on an apprenticeship training scheme.

*From 1st April 2017

If you are not a Buckinghamshire Council maintained school please visit the Employer page for the Apprenticeship process.

The Apprenticeship Process



Contact the Adult Learning Apprenticeships and Work Based Learning team to discuss offering an existing staff member an Apprenticeship

We discuss your business needs at length. An Apprenticeship framework is suggested which takes individual roles and responsibilities into account.

Training may be fully funded via the BCC apprenticeship service account. You will need to check when you can draw down (your school’s levy contribution plus 10% government top-up). And you can submit a bid, if you need to draw down more funds, process to be advised.

With support from us, a staff member begins an appropriate level Apprenticeship.

Contact the Adult Learning Apprenticeships and Work Based Learning team to discuss your business needs and the possibility of employing an apprentice.

Once you have decided on the apprenticeship you can offer, contact BCC HR Resourcing team to start the recruitment process

 You will interview and decide who to offer the apprenticeship post to.

You will conduct the usual checks prior to employing the apprentice.

You will employ the apprentice on a fixed-term, apprenticeship contract.

All apprentices are sent an electronic link to complete on-line assessments in English, Maths and sometimes IT. We then discuss the results with you and the apprentice.

All apprentices are allocated a personal BAL tutor. We tailor the Apprenticeship to individual needs and choose appropriate units to match their roles and responsibilities to their job role.

Assessors will visit the apprentice in the workplace approximately every 4-6 weeks and it could be necessary to attend an Adult Learning Centre for Functional Skills and other required training. Work is set between visits and we communicate regularly with you to ensure the apprentice is on track.

The Apprenticeship Framework is completed after a minimum of 12-15 months.

If you are interested in finding out more or need advice on Apprenticeships, please contact Adult Learning Apprenticeships on 01296 674449 or email