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GCSE English and maths

Fast Track GCSE Courses in English and maths

We are proud to say that our GCSE pass rates in English and maths are better than the national average, so by doing a course with us we’ll do our very best to make sure you pass with flying colours!

If you don’t already have a GCSE in English or maths at A*-C grade or 9-4, your GCSE course will be funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency and you won’t have to pay a course fee*.

Our tutors are highly experienced and qualified and specialise in guiding adults towards their qualification. We pride ourselves in building ‘learning confidence’ – we will take care of you.

If you would like to take a GCSE course, you should first enrol on a free ‘Are you ready for GCSE?’ course. We ask everyone to do this assessment as it helps us to make sure that GCSE is the right course for you.

The English GCSE course is English Language, with the AQA examining board.

GCSE English & maths courses run from September until June. If you are interested in joining a GCSE course, you will need to first attend an ARE YOU READY FOR GCSE workshop to establish your starting point. The tutor will then discuss the next steps with you.

To book on to the ARE YOU READY FOR GCSE workshop please contact albs@buckinghamshire.gov.uk 

*This course is free for learners who are 19+ on 1 August 2023.

Please email Angela Cato Angela.Cato@buckinghamshire.gov.uk or call 01296 674463 to find out more and/or register for an ARE YOU READY FOR GCSE? assessment.

If English is your second language and you want to improve your English skills, you can join an ESOL class.

*Depending on residency requirements

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Skills Manager - Teresa Meredith

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What our English learners say about us:

“I absolutely hated school when I was younger and the thought of ever studying again or going into further education was a nightmare for me but this course has given me so much confidence, not just in my English abilities but in my ability to actually focus and enjoy education.”

“I was frightened about being a mature student studying English. When I joined the class the other learners made me feel welcomed and not stupid. The tutor built my self-confidence and always welcomed ideas.”

“I am writing to reference the journey that I started back in September 2019, when I was pushed by family members to challenge myself and face something that I always was afraid of, GCSE English language. From enrolment, the process was quick and efficient. Every Wednesday night, I was greeted by a beaming smile at the front desk, always showing a real interest in how everyone is, making sure that only smiles come through the front doors, or at least they are by the time you pass the front desk!

From someone who has always been afraid of the English language, teamed with the possibility of attainment being missed again. I found enjoyment within it. The tutor is a real credit to my growth since September to now and I am certain, also beyond into the future. From engaging study sessions
both in class and continuous learning, he always gives meaningful feedback that is tailored to me and my learning journey, ensuring that I have the correct tool kit to move onto the next stage and push my skill set.
Our study environment by design is always relaxed and safe, allowing me to explore and be creative with English.
From the start I have always been a big fan of Google Classroom and the flexibility that it allows to both students and teachers. This has been proven when the UK became consumed with the COVID-19 pandemic that we are still in a daily battle with. Yet, through all that is happening, the tutor puts together an engaging class via the power of video conferencing, while doing so, also makes sure that we are all up to date on the current situation regarding grades/marking and what the future may hold for us adult learners.
I truly believe that my experience would have been very different if it wasn’t for my tutor and his dynamic teaching style. Your tutors are an asset to your workforce as they are passionate ambassadors for learning and hold their learners at the constant forefront of their minds.”

What our Maths learners say about us:

“I found out that my maths skills were not as bad as I thought. I just needed someone who was very patient and understanding to help me get over my fear of maths.”

“Attending a maths class has given me a lot of confidence in my own abilities to apply myself – particularly with a subject I find so difficult”.

“It has shown me that I am capable at maths after all. I thought the teaching was excellent. The tutor was both patient and informative and was able to explain methods in a clear and concise way with humour and warmth.”