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Sector Work-based Academy Programmes

Sector Work-based Academy Programmes

What are Sector Work-based Academy Programmes?

Buckinghamshire Adult Learning works in partnership with the Department of Work and Pensions to deliver SWAPs or Sector-based Work Academy Programmes.

These intensive courses aim to give jobseekers the skills and confidence to apply for jobs in specific industries such as Hospitality, the Civil Service, Rail, Adult Social Care and roles in Business Administration across different sectors.

SWAPs normally include a work experience placement or a guest speaker from an employer who has job vacancies. Some SWAPs include a guaranteed interview but if this is not offered, jobseekers are given support with the job application process. While you’re not guaranteed to get a job from completing a SWAP, it does help you to improve your chances of gaining employment in that sector.

The content and length of each course varies depending on whether it includes a qualification.

Some courses are delivered 100% online, some are face-to-face in a classroom or a mixture of both. Some are delivered directly by Buckinghamshire Adult Learning and some are delivered by our subcontractors.

Please see below the current SWAPs being delivered.

If you are looking to change or boost your career, please contact your Work Coach who can support you to apply for a place.

More information about Sector Based Work Programmes can be found here.

What previous learners have said

Emma Brunt

Woman in green shirt

As a result of attending an intensive Civil Service employability course (a Sector-Based Work Academy Programme) in September 2020, Emma became a Work Coach in a Buckinghamshire Job Centre and is thoroughly enjoying her new role. Not only did the course give her the confidence to apply for the role but it has helped her recognise the value of adult learning and promote the benefits to her own customers who she is now referring to courses. Emma was furloughed in July in 2020 and then made redundant from her job in the private sector due to the pandemic. The course taught her the skills and knowledge required to write an effective application, to prepare for video interviews and practise the online tests that form part of the Civil Service recruitment process. Emma has made a big career change, to a role where she is able to use her transferable skills to support the diverse needs of often very vulnerable people to make positive changes in their lives and move closer to work, particularly at such a very difficult time for so many.

Alisa Longreau

Alisa completed a Sector Based Academy Programme to train as a work coach in 2020. She told us about her journey. “My story started with a phone call from my Job Centre work coach. After working for five years in the hospitality industry I lost my job because of the pandemic and I was desperate to find something else. He told me about the possibility about a career in Public Services as a civil servant and I signed up for the course organised by Buckinghamshire Adult Learning. I participated in an intensive one week Sector Based Academy Programme taught online by Buckinghamshire Adult Learning. It was really helpful and I found out a lot of things about searching for a job, updating my CV and presenting at a job interview. After seven months on furlough and forced redundancy, I recovered my self-confidence and I dared to apply for the position of a work coach at the Department of Work and Pensions and I was successful.”