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Welcome to Buckinghamshire Adult Learning

We offer interesting and exciting opportunities for adults to fulfil their ambitions, further their interests and achieve their potential through learning and training.

A broad programme of over 1,500 part-time courses and workshops, delivered from 140 locations across Buckinghamshire, means we have something to suit everyone. Courses range from one-day to one-year and we cover beginner through to advanced levels, offering daytime and evening flexibility.

Our tutors are dedicated and passionate about their subjects. Classes allow you to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence in an environment where both tutors and learners offer support and encouragement.


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      Stop Loan Sharks It was only £100 to buy presents but now he's threatened my partner and children. Boy with eyes closed and tinsel
      Sleigh No to Loan Sharks

      Christmas is a time to get together and celebrate with family and friends but beware of a dangerous threat lurking in our communities. Loan sharks are in full force this time of year. Learn how to spot them and protect loved ones from falling into their clutches ? www.stoploansharks.co.uk #SleighNoToLoanSharks

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      ? Help to Learn Sale | 10% off courses and workshops in 2023 ?

      Book between Monday 21 and 28 November to claim your discount. Click here to see the courses available. *Learning for personal development courses and workshops only

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      Number confidence week image person using a calculator
      Number Confidence Week

      It’s Number Confidence Week and we want to help you learn new skills that lead to better jobs at every stage of life. Multiply is the new free maths course for adults in Buckinghamshire which could help you to get a new job or advance in your career. Visit www.adultlearningbc.ac.uk/multiply to find out more.

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