Painting in Lockdown Art Exhibition - Chesham 2021 - Buckinghamshire Adult Learning

Painting in Lockdown Art Exhibition – Chesham 2021

We are planning a ‘Painting through lockdown’ Art Exhibition at the Elgiva Theatre in Chesham in June 2021. This exhibition will showcase the work created by learners during Mary Pomeroy’s online art classes during lockdown and the artwork will be available for sale.

If these paintings have inspired you to learn how to draw, enrol on our short course ‘Learn to Draw’ starting on Wednesday 21 April at the Elgiva Theatre, Chesham.

Face-to-face drawing and painting courses are resuming at Chesham Adult Learning Centre on Chartridge Lane, Chesham from 22 April, as well as an online course.

Learners who have continued learning online have said:

“Learning online has been a great experience. The tutor has clearly taken a lot of time and trouble to produce video and photographic learning materials clearly demonstrating the learning points and techniques relevant to each lesson. It is a valuable resource to be able to pause and revisit what she has presented in a way not possible in the classroom.”

“The use of oil paint in the classroom would not have been possible because of the slowness of the paint drying and the difficulty in transportation. Online classes allowed us to explore the use of oil paint. This is the first time that I have ever used oils and I am excited to try them again. Our teacher gave us video demonstrations first of many techniques we’ve used this term.”